Making chicken rendang for people who do not like cooking may be very difficult to make, but for people who like to cook, they are usually very easy to make chicken rendang.
What is the simplest way to make chicken rendang?
Easy way to make chicken rendang, can you learn it?
How to make chicken rendang?
Is it difficult to make chicken rendang?
What are the ingredients for making chicken rendang?

Definition of chicken rendang.
Maybe many of the people who do not know about what is chicken rendang, maybe the one who knows a lot about chicken rendang is only Sumatran, because rendang ayam is typical Sumatran food. Then, what is the chicken rendang? What food is actually chicken rendang? Can everyone make chicken rendang? Can we possibly learn how to make chicken rendang?
Rendang ayam is a dish originating from the Indonesian state, especially from the Province of West Sumatra. Rendang ayam is a mainstay dish for Minang residents, West Sumatra. Chicken rendang is usually made from selected chicken meat, lemongrass, turmeric and still more ingredients to make chicken rendang.
Chicken drum was not available before and no one has made it, but only rendang made from beef, because some people who have creative ideas finally create rendang with other meats, then rendang is made from other meat, including chicken meat.
In the present time chicken rendang has been widespread in various parts of the cities in the country of Indonesia, almost from all walks of life, from villagers to cities it has been very easy to find chicken rendang dishes, even more surprisingly the typical West Sumatra chicken rendang has been worldwide, many in various countries of the world have made it. continue, how exactly do you make this typical Sumatran chicken rendang?
Is it possible for everyone to make rendang chicken? Is it possible for everyone to learn how to make chicken rendang? What are the ingredients for making chicken rendang? And how to make chicken rendang spices? Let’s see, and we learn below, how to make chicken rendang correctly.

The ingredients needed to make cubadak curry are as follows:
– 4 pieces of bay leaves
– 4 pieces of orange leaves
– 2 pieces of turmeric leaves
– Lemongrass 2 sticks (crushed)
– 150 grams of chicken meat (cut to length or cut according to taste)
– 0.75 liters of thick coconut milk (from 1.5 coconuts)
– enough water (to boil)
– oil (to saute)

Spices that must be mashed or pureed:
– enough salt to taste
– 7 ½ onions
– garlic as much as 3½ pieces
– 3½ pecan candle nut
– Curly red pepper 3½ pieces
– galangal 1 cm
– ginger 1 cm
– turmeric ½ cm

How to make chicken rendang, as follows:
1) The first step, saute the mashed seasoning, until it is cooked properly, then add the bay leaf to lemongrass leaves, turmeric leaves, and orange leaves, then stir-fry again until the scent comes out, and delicious, then pour the coconut milk halfway, then cook The ingredients are oily coconut milk and boiled.
2) After the first step is complete, put the chicken that has been cut (according to taste), then stir until boiling, put the remaining coconut milk, stir slowly, do not rush. Cook using low heat until the coconut milk is thick and shrinks, and stir slowly.
3) after being cooked, the chicken rendang is ready to be served.

Similarly, how to make chicken rendang for 2 people, hopefully you can make chicken rendang properly, if you are still confused about how to make chicken rendang, you can find other references to learn how to make chicken rendang, keep learning about how to make chicken rendang, so you are getting more proficient, and if you are already good at making chicken rendang, then your chicken rendang dishes will get better.


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