Making chicken soup for people who do not like cooking may be a very difficult thing to make, but for people who like to cook, they are usually very easy to make chicken soup.
What is the simplest way to make chicken soup?
An easy way to make chicken soup, can you learn it?
How to make chicken soup?
Is it difficult to make chicken soup?
What are the ingredients for making chicken soup?

Definition of chicken soup.
Maybe there are many among the public who do not know about what is chicken soup, Maybe what many know about chicken soto is only Indonesian citizens, because chicken soup is a very well-known food and is a typical food belonging to the State of Indonesia. Maybe in other countries there is no chicken soup, even if it is in another country, maybe only a small amount, then, what exactly is the chicken soup? What food is actually chicken Soto ? Can everyone make chicken soup? Can we possibly learn how to make chicken soup?
Soto ayam is a dish originating from the Indonesian state, Chicken soto is usually shaped like a soup, made from vegetables and meat broth. Actually in Indonesia there is not only chicken soup, in Indonesia there are many types of soto dishes, not only chicken soup, beef soto, goat soto and many more soto dishes available in Indonesia.
In the past, maybe chicken soup could not be found in other countries than in Indonesia, but with the times and technological developments, now we might be able to find soto cuisine in other countries. This soto cuisine is a very delicious cooking and is a mainstay cuisine for Indonesians. For those of you who are culinary lovers, if one day visits Indonesia, don’t forget to stop by the food stall to sample Indonesian chicken soup … guaranteed your tongue will be more swayed and addicted.
Then, how exactly is this chicken soup made from Indonesia? Is it possible for everyone to make chicken soup? Is it possible for everyone to learn how to make chicken soup? What are the ingredients for making chicken soup? And how to make chicken soup seasoning? Let’s look, and we learn below, how to cook chicken soup properly.

The ingredients needed to cook chicken soup are as follows:
– 25 grams of soun noodles (soaked in hot water)
– 100 grams of sprouts (bean sprouts) which are boiled for a while
– 1/2 tail chicken
– 1 fruit tomato
– cabbage / cabbage as much as 100 grams
– 2 pieces of potatoes (can be fried / can also be boiled)
– 2 hard-boiled eggs
– fried onions to taste
– 1 liter of water

– 1 tablespoon of cooking oil
– 1 sheet of bay leaves
– 1 stem lemongrass
– 1/2 onion leeks
– galangal as much as 12½ grams

Materials that must be mashed or pureed:
– 1½ pieces of red onion
– 1 piece of garlic
– Turmeric 2½ grams
– ginger as much as 7½ grams
– as much as ¼ small spoon of pepper
– 1 spoonful of salt
– 2 pieces

How to make / cook chicken soup, as follows:
1) Saute the spices that have become smooth, stir-fry for a while until a pleasant aroma appears
2) Then put the chicken into the pan, and boil the chicken together with the stir-fried spices.
3) After a while, then add galangal, lemongrass leaves, lime leaves, and bay leaves into the pan, along with the chicken.
4) Boil for a few minutes for thirty minutes until the chicken meat becomes tender.
5) After that, add enough pepper and salt to the chicken stew.
6) Then check and see the chicken stew before, whether it’s tender or not, if the meat has been tender, separate the meat from the bone, then put the bone into the stew.
7) Add the chopped leaves to the decoction.
8) Wait for the broth to boil, while waiting for the broth to boil, prepare chicken meat that has been cut into small pieces, tomatoes, pieces of eggs, pieces of potatoes, tage, noodles sound of cabbage into a serving bowl.
9) Then put the cooked soup sauce into a bowl that has been filled with the ingredients and the piece.
10) Then decorate the chicken soup to make it look more beautiful and beautiful, you can sprinkle the lime or fried onions on the soto mixture.
11) After that, soto ayam is ready to serve, this is a very small portion size and a little if, you want to make a larger portion, you can add more ingredients.

Thus, the way to make chicken soup is the most delicious and delicious, hopefully you can make chicken soup properly, if you are still confused about how to cook chicken soup, maybe you can find other references to learn how to cook chicken soup, keep learning about how to cook soto chicken, so you are more proficient, and if you are already good at cooking chicken soup, then your chicken soup will be even better. Good luck.



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