Cooking rawon for people who do not like cooking may be very difficult to cook, but for people who like to cook, they are usually very easy to make rawon.

What is the simplest way to cook rawon?
Easy way to cook rawon, can you learn it?
How to cook the best rawon?
Is it difficult to make and cook rawon?
What ingredients are needed to cook rawon?
What ingredients do you need to cook rawon?
Rawon understanding
Maybe many of the people who do not know about what rawon is , Maybe what many know about Rawon is an Indonesian citizen, because rawon is typical Indonesian food. Then, what exactly is Rawon ? What is rawon food ? can everyone cook rawon? Can we possibly learn how to use rawon?

Rawon is an Indonesian food that is very tasty, usually rawon in the form of black meat soup. The meat used to make rawon is usually beef cut into small pieces. The spices are very typical of Indonesia, which is a mixture of vegetable oil, salt, kluwek, Lombok, turmeric, lemongrass, coriander, galangal (laos), garlic and other ingredients.
Rawon is also one of the mainstay dishes of the Indonesian state, more precisely coming from the Indonesian Central Java Province. In the past rawon was only found in Jawatimur province. But now it’s easy to find it in other provinces. In fact, now it can also be found in other countries, besides Indonesia. Because with the development of technology, the recipes will be easier to find wherever they are.
Then, is it possible for everyone to cook rawon? Is it possible for everyone to learn how to cook rawon? What are the ingredients for cooking rawon? and how to make rawon seasoning? Let’s see, and we learn below, how to cook rawon properly.

Presentation Suggestions:
– Portion: for 3 people
– cooking time: 60 minutes
– Preparation time: 30 minutes

The ingredients needed for cooking rawon are as follows:
– 1½ pieces of orange leaves
– half a cow’s knees, split
– 1½ liters of water
– 250 grams of beef
– 1 leek onion, cut to 1 cm in size
– 3 flavors of beef flavoring powder
– Oil as much as ½ spoon to saute
– Lemongrass as much as ½ stem, spread
– Galangal ½ thumb, crushed

Spices that must be mashed or pureed:
– Turmeric 1 cm long
– 1 ½ grains of garlic
– Onion as much as 3½ grains
– Kluwak as much as 1 piece
– Sugar as much as 1 small spoon
– Salt as much as 1 small spoon
-Lada as much as 1 small spoon
– Ketumbsr as much as 1 small spoon (roasted)
– Ginger 1 cm long

How to make rawon, as follows:

1) First step, puree or mash the spices, turmeric, pppputih onion, onion, kluwak, sugar, salt, coriander, pepper and ginger according to size.
2) After the first step is finished, prepare the pot and water, boil the water until it boils.
3) After boiling water, put the beef and cow’s meat, then boil until half soft, then remove and cut the meat according to your preference, then set aside.
4) The next step is to enter the beef flavoring seasoning into the water stew, and turn it into a broth.
5) Heat the oil in a pan, saute the marinated seasoning until it smells delicious
6) Finally, add the stir fry to the broth that has been made.
7) Cook the meat until it is soft using just a small fire.
8) Lift and serve while still warm, do not forget to add complement on the plate before serving, such as egg slices, lime, bean sprouts and chili sauce.

So how to make rawon the simplest, hopefully you can make rawon correctly, if you are still confused about how to make rawon, you can find other references to learn how to cook rawon, keep learning about how to cook rawon, so you are more proficient, and if you already good at cooking rawon, then your rawon cooking will be even better.


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