How to cook cassava leaf vegetables. Cooking cassava leaves for people who do not like cooking may be very difficult to do, but for people who like to cook they are usually very easy to cook cassava leaves.

What is the simplest way to cook cassava leaf vegetables?
Easy way to cook cassava leaves, can you learn them?
How to cook cassava leaves?
Is it difficult to cook cassava leaves?
What ingredients are needed for cooking cassava leaf vegetables?
What ingredients do you need to cook cassava leaves?

Understanding Vegetables Cassava Leaves.
Maybe many of the people who do not know about what is cassava leaf vegetables, Maybe what many know about cassava leaf vegetables is only people living around the countryside or maybe people who live around the mountains, It could be because of the very rare cassava plants in the city, maybe because of that which makes it difficult to find cassava leaf cooking around the city. Then, what exactly is the cassava leaf vegetable? What food is actually the cassava leaf vegetable? can everyone make cassava leaves? Is it possible for everyone to learn how to cook vegetables or cassava?

Cassava leaf vegetable is a dish whose main ingredient is made from cassava leaves, cassava leaf vegetable cooking is a very popular dish in rural areas. Perhaps because of the many gardens in rural areas, the residents planted their gardens with cassava plants. Cuisine of cassava leaf vegetables is a very delicious dish to be served, Especially when eaten together with white rice, it really tastes very much to make the tongue addicted to eating again. Cassava leaf dishes are usually made from selected cassava leaves that are still young, coconut milk and many more ingredients needed to make cassava leaf vegetables. This cassava leaf dish has different characteristics from other dishes, which in the presentation of cassava leaves that are still green will certainly make many people curious to taste it and eat it. and the characteristics of green leaves that make cassava leaf vegetables look more unique and interesting. Maybe there are many ways to cook cassava leaves spread in various media, but now we will try to discuss the easiest, easiest way to cook cassava leaves. Then, can everyone make it. Is it possible for everyone to cook cassava leaves? Is it possible for everyone to learn how to cook cassava leaves? What are the ingredients for cooking cassava leaf vegetables? and how to make cassava leaf herbs? Let’s see, and we learn below, how to cook delicious cassava leaves!

The ingredients needed to make cassava leaf vegetables are as follows:
– 400 grams of young cassava leaves
add 75 grams of anchovies, wash with warm water, fry for a while
– 500 ml of thin water
– white water as much as 1000 ml
– fried oil as much as 2 tablespoons

Spices that must be mashed or pureed:
soft enough salt
– red onions as many as 6 items
– 2 pieces of garlic
– 1 tablespoon roasted barley
– 1 item of independence
– Sand sugar as much as 1/2 small spoon

How to make cubadak curry, as follows:
1) First step, put young cassava leaves into boiling water (boil cassava leaves), for about 3 minutes, then drain.
2) After the first step is finished, heat the cooking oil to saute the spices, stir the spices until the fragrant and delicate smell comes out.
3) Then boil the thin coconut milk in the pan. add a stir fry to the boiling coconut milk, then mix well.
4) Enter the selected young cassava leaves into the coconut milk, boil the cassava leaves until the leaves are tender.
5) Enter the anchovy that has been fried, cook for a while until the coconut milk shrinks slightly, taste a little using a spoon, if it feels less salty or less sweet, maybe you can add a little salt, or a little sugar. If the taste is right on the tongue, cassava leaf vegetables are ready to be served.

Thus the easiest and simplest way to cook cassava leaves, hopefully you can cook cassava leaves properly, if you are still confused about how to cook cassava leaves, you can look for other references to learn how to cook cassava leaves, keep learning about cook cassava leaves, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already proficient on how to cook cassava leaf vegetables, then your cassava leaf vegetable cooking will be more delicious and delicious for everyone to enjoy.



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