Making cubadak curry for people who do not like cooking may be very difficult to make, but for people who like to cook, they are usually very easy to make cubadak curry.
What is the simplest way to make cubadak curry?
An easy way to make cubadak curry, can you learn it?
How to make cubadak curry?
Is it difficult to make cubadak curry?
What are the ingredients for making cubadak curry?

Understanding cubadak curry.
Maybe many of the people who do not know about what is Cubadak curry, maybe the one who knows a lot about Cubadak curry is only the people of Sumatra, because Cubadak curry is typical Sumatran food. Then, what exactly is Cubadak curry? What food is Cubadak curry? Can everyone make cubadak curry? Can we possibly learn how to make cubadak curry?

Cubadak curry is a dish originating from the Indonesian state, especially from the province of West Sumatra. Cubadak curry is a mainstay for Minang residents, West Sumatra. Cubadak curry cuisine is usually made from young jackfruit, long beans and still more ingredients to make cubadak curry. This cubadak curry has different characteristics from other dishes, and it is these different characteristics that make cubadak curry look more unique, its uniqueness is that it looks at the chunks of the jacka which are rather large, so that the taste will be more delicious for the fans. Is it possible for everyone to make cubadak curry? Is it possible for everyone to learn how to make cubadak curry? What are the ingredients for making cubadak curry? And how to make cubadak curry spices? Let’s see, and we learn below, how to make cubadak curry properly.

The ingredients needed to make cubadak curry are as follows:
jackfruit fruit (choose young fruit)
– 200 grams of meat
– coconut from 550 million liters of native coconut

Spices that must be mashed or pureed:
soft enough salt
– red onions as many as 8 cloves
– one rod
– Garlic as much as eight suing
two pieces of orange leaf
– one segment
two sheets of greetings
– Turmeric is one segment
– one sheet of turmeric
– two points of independence
– boil a small spoon
-Kabe curly red 10 pieces

How to make cubadak curry, as follows:
1) First step, saute the mashed seasoning until it is cooked properly and then add the bay leaves, lemon leaves, lemongrass leaves, and turmeric leaves, then stir until really smells good.
2) After the first step is complete, then cut or chop the small pieces of meat, which do not forget to wash the meat, then put the pieces of meat and cook until the meat changes color.
3) Potoonglah young jackfruit is rather large or medium according to taste, do not forget to wash it, then enter the piece of young jackfruit, stir slowly until the jackfruit withers.
4) The next step is to add salt and coconut milk to taste, then you can taste it, if you feel less salty you can add more salt, until it tastes right and is really tasty. Use a medium fire, not too big and not too small. Cook the jackfruit until cooked. If the jackfruit is cooked and the sauce looks greasy, cubadak curry is ready to serve.

So how to make cubadak curry, hopefully you can make cubadak curry properly, if you are still confused about how to make cubadak curry, you can find other references to learn how to make cubadak gualai, keep learning about how to make cubadak curry, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already good at making cubadak curry, then your cubadak curry will be more delicious.


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