How to make buttercream from white butter, is it possible to learn?
How to make buttercream from white butter?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make buttercream from white butter?
Can anyone learn about how to make buttercream from butter?
How is the easiest way to make buttercream?
What are the ingredients for making buttercream?
Buttercrem is a coating cream or usually used by cake makers as a decoration for food, cakes, sponge or donuts. Not only as a decoration, Buttercream can also be used as a cake sweetener. Buttercream is generally made from milk, sugar and white butter, therefore for those of you who suffer from diabetes or heart disease it is advisable not to consume buttercream, the content of buttercream in the form of cholesterol and bad fats is not good for those of you who have diabetes and heart disease.
The ingredients for making buttercream from white butter are as follows:
– 1 tablespoon margarine
– 250 grams of white butter
– 1 sachet of sweetened condensed milk
– 100 grams of sugar
– 1 cup of water
– liquid vanilla to taste
How to make buttercream from white butter, as follows:
1. Put one cup of water and sugar as much as 100 grams into the pan, then cook until it is truly boiling so the sugar dissolves, after the sugar has dissolved and then cool.
2. shake white butter using a mixer at high speed,
3. After you have beaten the butter, mix 1 tablespoon of margarine while pouring the sugar into it little by little.
4. Don’t forget to add enough liquid vanilla, and also 1 sachet sweetened condensed milk.
5. to find out whether the butter cream has been made or not, can be seen from the butter texture, look and test using a finger, if you hold it and it feels very smooth and expands it means the buttercream is ready, ready for use.






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