HOW TO MAKE A SOFT CREW BROWNIES … It turns out it’s very easy … how come … see the tips below !!!
Making soft cassava brownies for people who do not like cooking may be very difficult to do, but for people who like to make cakes they are usually very easy to make very soft brownies, even they are very skilled.
What is the simplest way to make soft brownies?
Easy way to make very soft brownies, can you learn them?
How do you make the easiest brownies?
Is it difficult to make soft brownies?
What are the ingredients to make very soft brownies?
How long does it take to make soft brownies?
How do you make soft brownies?
Maybe many of the rural / remote communities who do not know about what is soft cassava brownies, Maybe the ones who know a lot about soft cassava brownies are only urban residents, because soft cassava brownies are very tasty food, which is found in urban areas. Then, what exactly are those cassava brownies? What foods are soft cassava brownies? can everyone make soft cassava brownies? Can we possibly learn how to make soft cassava brownies?
Before we learn about how to make soft money cassava brownies, let’s find out first, what is the meaning of cassava brownies? What exactly is cassava brownie food? Cassava brownies are cake creations from Indonesian children. Brownie food is actually the main ingredient is not cassava, but flour, eggs and chocolate, because Indonesian children want to have a different taste in brownies, so Indonesian children make new creations by making cassava into brownies, cassava brownies by Indonesians are very delicious in tongue and also very soft.
Because the taste of cassava brownies is very tasty and delicious, fans of this food are very much, starting from children, teenagers and even parents also like this one dish, indeed cassava brownies are favorite cakes that are difficult to forget by the tongue.
There are so many advantages, if you can make these soft cassava brownies, for example if you and your family are relaxing, or have a picnic then you can make this cassava brownie for a snack on the table, or you can also use this brownie as a business field, cassava brownies still very rarely produced, then with a soft cassava brownie business it has a very big chance to get success.
Maybe many ask “where is the best place to learn how to make cassava brownies? where is the most comfortable place to learn how to make these soft cassava brownies? Don’t be confused, don’t hesitate, you can learn how to make this cassava brownies in your home kitchen. provided you have complete equipment and guidance.
How to make soft cassava brownies is easy, it’s easy to say, it’s easy, it can be said to be difficult, for people who have never made a cake maybe making soft cassava brownies is very difficult, but for people who have already made it, make Soft cassava brownies are very easy to do. Is it possible for everyone to make cassava brownies? Is it possible for everyone to learn how to make cassava brownies? What are the ingredients for making cassava brownies? Let’s see, and we learn below, how to make the right cassava brownies.

Materials for making cassava brownies, as follows:
– 100 grams of chocolate (cooked)
– 100 grams of cassava (puree)
– 4 eggs
– 100 grams of sugar
– 80 grams of margarine
– 80 grams of flour
– 2 grams of vanilla powder (1 pack)
– 50 grams of powdered chocolate
– Blueberry jam
– enough buttercream
How to make soft cassava brownies, as follows:
1. heat as much as 80 grams of margarine and 100 grams of cooked chocolate, then place it on the container that has been provided.
2. then peel 100 grams of cassava, after peeled then puree cassava, can use a blender, food processor, or can also use grated. after the cassava is smooth then throw the water by squeezing, set aside the squeezed cassava in a clean container.
3. Mix 100 grams of sugar with 4 chicken eggs, and also add 200 grams of vanilla powder, you can use a mixer to stir this ingredient, stir until the ingredients expand and are white.
4. Mix 50 grams of cocoa powder with 80 grams of wheat flour, after mixing then strain, and enter the filter results of this material into the egg mixture, stirring until completely even.
5. then add the melted margarine, chocolate and cassava which has been squeezed into the mixture, stir until the ingredients are evenly mixed.
6. Prepare an oven, set the heat to 150 degrees celsius, coat the pan with margarine, do not forget to sprinkle the pan with flour,
7. After chronic insertion into the pan, bake brownies for 30 to 45 minutes, depending on the oven temperature, to find out the level of maturity can also be used a puncture test.
8. If you have checked the maturity of brownies, and the brownies are completely cooked, then lift and cool, then you can decorate brownies using buttercream and blueberry jam, you can also decorate using your favorite toppings.

– in order to produce brownies that have a soft and not chewy texture, before the baking process is done, make an selection of ingredients, especially in cassava, choose cassava that has the least fiber content, or if possible choose cassava that has no fiber, selection of cassava very wajiib done because the quality of cassava is very influential on the texture of the brownies produced. usually cassava that does not have fiber will produce soft brownies.
– in order to produce soft brownies you are advised to choose eggs that have temperatures such as room temperature, when stirring sugar and eggs, you have to make sure that the dough really expands and has a whitish color.
– This topping for brownies is perfect if you use blueberry jam topping, but if you have other tastes and preferences, you can also use your taste.
– when the roasting process is done, the thing that often happens is that the foam will come out on margarine, you don’t need to panic, it’s normal, usually the foam will disappear when the brownies are lifted from the grill, it also has no effect on the texture of brownies.


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