What is the simplest way to make delicious chicken soup from Lamongan?
Easy way to make delicious chicken lamongan soup, can you learn it?
How is the easiest way to make delicious chicken soup from Lamongan?
Is it difficult to make delicious Lamongan chicken soup?
What are the ingredients for making delicious chicken soup from Lamongan?
How long does it take to make a tasty lamongan chicken soup?
How do you make the correct chicken soup from Lamongan?

Now we will try to discuss about the typical chicken soup of Lamongan, what is Lamongan’s typical chicken soup? Let’s take a look, the typical Lamongan Chicken Soto is a typical authentic food from Indonesia, especially from the city of Lamongan Indonesia. Typical chicken soto is usually like soup accompanied by thin slices of chicken. the spices that are used to make chicken soup typical of lamongan usually use a mixture of turmeric, so the sauce is yellow.

The ingredients below are probably for quite a large portion, if you want to make fewer portions, you can reduce or adjust the ingredients

The ingredients needed to make chicken soup are typical of Lamongan, as follows:
– 2 kg chicken (cut as you like)
– 4 spoons of sugar
– Lemongrass as much as 6 sticks
– 8 cm galangal
– 5 fine salts to a spoon

The ingredients are pureed, as follows:
– 16 cloves of garlic
– 20 onions
– 8 cm long turmeric
– 8 nuts
– ginger as long as 8 cm
– Lemongrass as much as 6 sticks
– 8 pieces of orange leaves
– coriander as much as 4 teaspoons
– 1 sheet of bay leaves

The ingredients needed to make soto ayam are typical of Lamongan, as follows:
– salt to taste
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 30 pieces of red chili

Additional ingredients of Soto Ayam Lamongan, as follows:

– fried onions
– celery, cut thin
– vermicelli
– soy sauce
– key orange
– sprouts or bean sprouts
– tomatoes (cut thin)
– cabbage / cabbage (cut thin)
– 10 scallion leaves

How to make typical Lamongan chicken soup, as follows:
1) wash the chicken meat that has been cut until it is clean from dust and dirt.
2) after daginng the chicken is really clean then boil chicken meat as much as 2 kg, boil the chicken until the water boils, if the water is boiling then throw the boiled water, but leave the pieces of chicken meat in the pan, then add 1600 ml of water to make Soto broth broth, then boil the chicken again using a very small fire.
3) prepare fine spices by pounding the ingredients, mash the ingredients until they are really smooth, don’t forget to pound lemongrass and galangal.
4) if the fine seasoning has been finished, then put the spices into the broth broth that is being boiled, also put the cut chives roughly, cook the soup until it boils and until the seasoning is applied to the meat, do not forget to stir slowly.
5) the next step is to prepare supplementary ingredients for Soto Ayam Lamongan.
6) now we will make a sambel for chicken soup lamongan, boil the red chili until the water boils, then lift the chili and drain, after that mash the chili by adding 2 cloves of garlic, and enough salt. After the chilli is really smooth, set the chili in a special chili sauce.
7) now we will continue to make the broth that we boiled using low heat. after the soup has boiled, add 4 tablespoons of sugar, 4 tablespoons of fine salt, 8 pieces of orange leaves, and 10 pieces of bay leaves, then stir the soup until all ingredients are mixed until smooth. taste soup soup, if it is less salty you might add salt.
8) Lift the chicken meat and drain it in the provided container, after the chicken meat is not hot, cut the chicken meat thinly, to be used as a mixture of chicken soup.
9) Now is the time for serving a typical Lamongan chicken soup, put the rice noodles into a plate or you can also use a bowl, add sliced tomatoes, soup soup, cabbage, bean sprouts, chicken meat that has been sliced thinly, add fried onions and chopped celery. do not forget to prepare soto sauce, lime juice (key) and sweet soy sauce on the side.
10) Chicken soup is ready to be eaten with family .


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