HOW TO COOK THE BROKOLI TUMB OF DELICIOUS FUNGAL MUSHROOMS … It turned out to be very easy … how come … see the tips below !!!
Cooking delicious oyster mushroom broccoli for people who don’t like cooking is probably a very difficult thing to do, but for people who like to cook they are usually very easy to make these oyster mushroom sauteed broccoli, even they are very good, and their dishes are very tasty .
What is the simplest way to cook delicious oyster mushroom broccoli?
Easy way to cook delicious oyster mushroom broccoli, can you learn it?
How do you cook the easiest oyster mushroom broccoli?
Is it difficult to cook a very tasty oyster mushroom broccoli?
What are the ingredients for cooking stir-fried oyster mushroom broccoli?
How long does it take to cook a delicious stir-fried oyster mushroom broccoli?
How to cook the correct oyster mushroom broccoli?
From the past it was already known that in addition to the nutritional value contained in broccoli which is quite a lot and very healthy for the human body, broccoli can also be cooked into very tasty foods.
About the taste of foods made from broccoli, you don’t need to ask again. because most dishes made from broccoli will produce dishes that are very tasty and delicious, among the dishes are delicious broccoli stir-fried broccoli oyster leaves are also special.
Even though it is processed without broccoli mushrooms, it tastes delicious, especially broccoli is mixed with mushrooms, of course it will taste more delicious and delicious. sauteed broccoli This oyster mushroom will give you a special taste on your tongue. because in addition to using delicious ingredients, you also use selected spices.
This stir-fried broccoli oyster mushroom is very suitable to be used as your daily meal, not only because this food has a delicious taste besides this food can also be healthy for the body for those who eat it.
Likewise, how to make it, to make stir-fried oyster mushroom broccoli is not so difficult, if you have the recipe at home, you can learn by yourself, in terms of ingredients and spices are also very easy to find, so you do not have to worry about finding ingredients and spices. below, let’s look at the simplest way to make sauteed broccoli oyster mushrooms.

Basic ingredients for cooking delicious oyster mushroom broccoli, as follows:
– 2 tomatoes
– 2 large red chili peppers
– 4 large green peppers
– 30 ml of ordinary water
– cooking oil 4 can be eaten (used for sauteing)
– 200 gram oyster mushrooms
– 800 grams of broccoli

Ingredients to make delicious oyster mushroom broccoli spices, as follows:
– 4 onions
– garlic 6 grains
– 1 fish spoonful of fish sauce
– 1 onion onion
– 1 teaspoon of sugar
– 1 teaspoon pepper powder
– 3 teaspoons of salt


Preparation of ingredients and spices to cook delicious oyster mushroom broccoli as follows:
a. the first step before cooking broccoli is to wash it first, until the broccoli is completely clean, after broccoli is clean and then cut off the broccoli stalks and also the sprouts.
b. the next step is to wash the oyster mushrooms until they are completely clean, after cleaning you can cut oyster mushrooms with your favorite shape or size.
c. wash the tomatoes with clean water, then cut the tomatoes in an oval shape or according to your preference.
d. clean the garlic and onion from the outer skin, after cleaning you can pound it or you can also chop it.
e. clean the onion then cut it according to your taste.
f. clean the green pepper and red pepper from the stalk, after that cut the green chili and the red chili into slices, or you can also cut it according to your favorite shape.

1. After you prepare the ingredients, then prepare the pan and cooking oil for sauteing, you can heat the pan filled with cooking oil on medium heat. after the cooking oil has felt hot then put the onion, garlic and onion. saute the onion, garlic and onion until it smells good.
2. also include red chili, green chili, tomatoes, broccoli, and oyster mushrooms into the stir fry. stir until the ingredients are blended perfectly.
3. After stir-fry ingredients are mixed and then put sugar, salt, pepper powder and fish sauce, stir slowly until all is mixed.

4 Enter plain water, the next step is to cook the stir fry until it’s completely cooked. after being cooked, lift it up. and stir-fried oyster mushroom broccoli is ready to be served.

That’s the way to cook delicious oyster mushroom broccoli, hopefully with this recipe, you can cook sauteed oyster mushroom properly, if you are still confused about how to cook delicious oyster mushroom broccoli, you can also look for other references to learn more about how to cook delicious oyster mushroom broccoli, keep learning about how to make oyster mushroom broccoli, so that you become more proficient, and if you are already good at cooking sauteed broccoli oyster mushrooms, then your oyster mushroom sauteed cooking will be more delicious and delicious.


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