How to cook delicious curry leaf chicken


What is the simplest way to cook delicious curry leaf chicken recipes?
Easy way to cook delicious curry leaf chicken recipe, can anyone learn it?
How is the easiest way to cook a delicious curry leaf chicken recipe?
Is it difficult to cook delicious curry leaf chicken recipes?
What are the ingredients to make chicken curry leaves that are delicious?
How long does it take to cook a tasty curry chicken recipe?
How to cook the right curry leaf chicken recipe?

For those of you who are Indonesian food hunters, who are currently having trouble finding recipes that can shake their tongues, don’t be confused because right now I will be presenting delicious and special recipes, what is the name of the dish? namely curry leaf chicken recipe that is delicious and of course can make your tongue more swaying, this curry leaf chicken recipe has a different characteristic from other dishes, the basic ingredients of this dish are selected chicken meat, so this dish can be your family’s mainstay cuisine.
Friend Hay, actually there are many recipes that use curry leaves, including: recipe stir fry curry chicken liver leaf, curry fried chicken curry recipe, milkfish sauteed sauteed recipe recipe, special recipe for wheat shrimp, special puffed fish recipe, and there are still many others. but now I don’t want to talk about all the recipes, now I will discuss about the easiest way to cook delicious and special curry leaf chicken recipes. Let’s look at the details of the recipe below:
The ingredients for cooking chicken curry leaves are delicious, as follows:
– curry leaves – 12 sheets
– Chicken meat – 2 kilo grams
– lemongrass – 6 pieces (cut into pieces)
– coconut milk – 3 liters
– flavor flavoring to taste
– fine salt – 1 tablespoon
– cooking oil – 60 grams
– cardamom – 4 points
– star anise – 4 pieces

The ingredients are sliced, as follows:
– garlic – 2 cloves
– red onion – 4 cloves

Smoothed material, as follows:
– pepper powder – 1 tablespoon
– garlic – 4 cloves
– red onion – 4 cloves
– cayenne pepper – 50 pieces
– red chili – 20 pieces
– roasted coconut (roasted) – 4 tablespoons
– smooth cilantro – 1 tablespoon
– ginger – 1 cm
– hazelnut – 2 pieces
– tomatoes – 2 pieces / can be dried dried starfruit – 8 pieces
– cilantro powder – 1 tablespoon

How to cook delicious curry leaf chicken, as follows:
1. Wash all ingredients until they are completely clean. then slice according to your preference.
2. Clean the pan for cooking.
3. heat the oil over medium heat.
4. the next step is to saute the ingredients that have been sliced.
5. Enter cardamom, star anise, curry and lemongrass leaves.
6. Please wait for a while, don’t forget to stir it slowly
7. Mix ingredients that have been pounded / mashed
8. Please wait a while
9. do not forget to put pieces of chicken meat
10. Please wait a while, and don’t forget to stir it
11. Mix coconut milk too
12. Enter the flavor flavor and fine salt to taste
13. then cook until thoroughly cooked
14. Lift and serve on a serving plate
15. You can eat it with rice.
That is the recipe for making delicious and tasty curry-leaf chicken, keep on practicing to make delicious curry-leaf chicken, if you are still confused about the recipe for making curry-leaf chicken you might find other references to learn about making curry-leaf chicken, or you also can learn to people who are experts in making curry leaf chicken, so, good luck!
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