HOW TO COOK THE DELICIOUS CRAB SUPPLY … It turns out it’s very easy … how come … see the tips below !!!
Cooking delicious crab soup for people who don’t like cooking might be a very difficult thing to do, but for people who like to cook they are usually very easy to make crab soup, even they are very skilled, and their dishes are very tasty.
What is the simplest way to cook delicious crab soup?
Easy way to cook delicious crab soup, can you learn it?
How do you cook the easiest crab soup?
Is it difficult to cook crab soup that is so delicious?
What ingredients for cooking crab soup are very tasty?
How long does it take to cook delicious crab soup?
How to cook the right crab soup?

For those of you who are bored with your food menu every day, and want to find new recipes to add to your recipe menu at home, of course there is nothing wrong if you try to make and add a menu of this crab soup recipe into your cooking menu. This crab soup is a soup made from crabs, where crab meat when processed into a dish usually can produce a very good taste on the tongue, so there is no harm if you try adding this recipe to your menu.
Regarding how to process it you do not need to be confused and confused, because vara processing and cooking it is not too complicated as your shadow, below I will present a few of the simplest ways to cook delicious crab soup, let’s look at the recipe below.

The main ingredients needed to cook delicious crab soup, as follows:
– 2 pieces of canned crab meat (small slices of meat)
– margarine to taste
– 4 pieces of chives (thinly sliced)
– ginger 3 segment (curling)
– 12 pieces of shitake mushrooms (before cutting into small pieces, soak the mushrooms first)
– garlic 8 cloves (stirring)
– 2 eggs (shake eggs)
-3,000 ml

Materials for crab soup seasonings, as follows:
– Maizene 2 teaspoons (dissolve with plain water)
– 2 tablespoons sesame oil
– 1 teaspoon of pepper
– flavoring 4 tablespoons
– salt to taste
– sugar to taste

How to cook delicious crab soup, as follows:
1. Cook the broth over the pan using medium heat.
2. Heat cooking oil in a skillet, or you can also use margarine, after the oil or margarine has been hot sauté the ginger and garlic that has been cooked, wait a while until the stirring smells good, and the color changes slightly dark, after stirring the smell delicious, put the stir in the broth that was cooked.
3. Wait for about 6 minutes, after you wait for about 6 minutes, take the garlic and ginger using a spatula.
4. Then put the shitake mushrooms and spices that have been prepared in advance into broth boiled water (except sesame oil and meizena). Stir slowly to mix.
5. Cook again for about 11 minutes, using a fire that is not too big and not too small.
6. The next step is to put the shaken eggs and crab meat into the broth that was cooked.
7. Stir slowly so that the broth is absorbed into crab meat and beaten eggs.
8. Then do not forget, also include sesame oil,
Onion leaves, and meizene solution.
9. Stir slowly and do not stop stirring until the dish is thoroughly cooked.
10. after cooking, turn off the stove and lift the pan,
11. Crab soup is ready to be served with rice.
So how to cook crab soup that is delicious, hopefully with the recipe, you can learn to cook crab soup properly, if you are still confused about how to cook delicious crab soup, you can also look for other references to learn more about how to cook crab soup delicious, keep learning about how to make crab soup, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already good at cooking crab soup, then your crab soup will be more delicious and delicious.


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