How to make delicious liwet rice

Making Sundanese traditional rice for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who don’t like cooking, making savory Sundanese rice is a very difficult thing to do. Especially using traditional equipment, it must be very difficult to do if you have never made it.
What is the simplest way to make tasty and tasty Sundanese typical Liwet rice?
An easy way to make tasty Sundanese typical Liwet rice, can you learn it?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make Sundanese typical rice rice?
What ingredients are needed to make tasty and tasty Sundanese typical Liwet rice?
How long does it take to make a tasty Sundanese typical Liwet rice?

The number of types of rice dishes in Indonesia are very many kinds, Almost in every city in Indonesia usually have their own specialties, as well as the rice recipe menu, surely in each region usually has a very wide variety of rice recipes.
There are so many reasons that cause processing in each region to vary and vary in type, one that causes the difference is from the material, and also from how to process or cook techniques. Likewise with this rice liwet, between one area and another region usually has a different way to process it.
The Ngliwet method is a way to process rice, this method is an ancient way for people to process rice traditionally and very simply. According to the researchers the Ngliwet method is the most past, and simplest way of cooking.
The process of making rice liwet is also not complicated, it is enough to mix rice with water, sometimes there is also a mixture of thick coconut milk, then the mixture is cooked using cormorant, kettle and others. how to cook it is almost the same as modern times, only the difference lies in the place of cooking. If in modern times the cooking place is a rice cooker, if in the past it was cormorant, kettle and others.
Actually there are many kinds of rice liwet in Indonesia, for example: Javanese liwet rice, Sundanese typical Liwet rice, solo Liwet rice and many more, but now I will try to explain how to make Sundanese typical Liwet rice that tastes tasty and tasty . If you are interested in this nasi liwet recipe, you can try making it at home. To make it you don’t need to be afraid of not finding the ingredients, Sundanese special features use ingredients that are very easy to find in traditional markets, if you find it difficult to find the ingredients, maybe you can also look for them in online stores, but you must be careful if you shop online, don’t be fooled. Let’s take a look at how to make Sundanese typical rice rolls below, read carefully and casually, if you experience confusion in understanding it, you can also ask your relatives, let’s see the recipe below.

The ingredients needed to make savory Sundanese rice are tasty as follows:
– red onion 3½ cloves
– 250 grams of rice
– lemongrass 2 sticks
– 2 pieces of bay leaves
– enough salt to taste
– flavor flavoring to taste
– 600 ml of ordinary water
– 80 grams of salted fish

The ingredients you need to make grilled chicken spices are as follows:
– 2 cloves of garlic
– 7½ cloves onion

The ingredients needed to make grilled chicken side dishes are as follows:
– 1 teaspoon of fine salt
– 1 sheet bay leaf
– 3 1/2 pieces of chicken
– Sweet soy sauce 2 tablespoons
– Lemongrass 1½ sticks
– 25 grams of brown sugar
– right amount of oil
– coriander ½ teaspoon
– pepper 1/8 teaspoon

How to make tasty Sundanese typical Liwet rice, as follows:
1. Choose good quality rice, usually the better the quality of the rice, the more delicious it feels.
2. the next step is to clean the rice, clean the rice by washing it using clean water, after the rice is clear, then put the rice in the pan.
3. Enter water about 2 finger segments.
4. Add seasoning, stir until blended.
5. The next step is to turn on the stove, let stand for about 46 minutes, wait until it is fully cooked, then lift it.

How to make grilled chicken side dishes, as follows:
1. Mash the garlic and shallots until they are really smooth.
2. After the ingredients have been smooth, then mix with lemongrass, bay leaves and coconut milk, cook until the smell comes out.
3. The next step is to add brown sugar, coriander, sweet soy sauce and fine salt, then stir slowly until the ingredients are well mixed.
4. Put the chicken, cook the chicken until it is fully cooked.
5. The next step is to burn chicken meat, while burning meat spread using cooking oil, burn chicken meat for a while, until the color of chicken meat changes color to look like brown. if the color has changed like brown then lift it up.
6. grilled chicken is ready to be served with nasi liwet.
For side dishes or decoration, you can add complementary ingredients, namely: sambal, tempeh, tofu, crackers, fresh vegetables, or other side dishes. For complementary materials you can use the ingredients according to your preferences, you can look for supplementary materials that are common around your area.
That is the recipe for how to make Sundanese typical Liwet rice rice which is tasty and delicious, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make Sundanese rice liqet properly, if you are still confused about how to make a tasty Sundanese Sundanese rice, you can also look for references another way to learn more about how to make Sundanese special rice rice, keep learning about making this liwet rice, so that you become more proficient, and if you are already skilled at making Sundanese liwet rice, then your typical Sundanese liwet rice will taste better. and and more savory.

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