How to make delicious onion chips

Making onion chips for people who like to cook can probably be done easily, but for people who don’t like cooking, chips are very difficult to do.
How is it simple to make delicious onion chips?
Easy way to make delicious onion chips, can you learn them?
How do you make the easiest and most delicious onion chips taste good?
Is it difficult to make delicious onion chips?
What are the ingredients for making tasty onion chips?
How long does it take to make delicious onion chips?
How to make the right onion chips?

Before we learn about how to make onion chips, we will first find out what is onion chips, what is the oil? Is food very expensive? Of course not, can the price of chips be reached by the public? it’s true, chips are very cheap food, and very affordable for the public. These chips are one snack or can be called a snack. If you live in the country of Indonesia, you will be very easy to use snacks, or maybe you will find it easier to meet at a typical Indonesian gift shop. If we consider the name of this snack maybe we will assume that this food is food, in fact this food does not use raw materials in its manufacture. The basic ingredients for making this snack are sago, eggs and flour and other additives.
When enjoying a holiday together, many of us usually spend time in front of the television, and at that time we usually need snacks for people who when watching television, of course there is no harm if we try to consume snacks, or using friends while watching television, Maybe there are also those of you who are away for a picnic, there’s nothing wrong when you’re having a picnic besides bringing the main food, and also takes you here, Guaranteed you won’t get bored quickly when you change your snack when having a picnic, this includes adding snack chips on your snack list.
Maybe many of us ask, you have to learn how to make snack chips, we must know besides being able to use snack chips, which might also be able to add to you by making onion chips, How to do onion chips can produce? Of course there are many who are friendly for this, so it might be an opportunity for you to do this snack snack business, if the profit from selling onion chips is not too big, it’s okay for the main chips business can add to your allowance. Of course do not know, maybe it could also be the result of the chips business is very large.
To learn how to make chips, you don’t have to look for a fancy place, and you can use the house as a place to learn how to make onion chips. The most important thing in learning to make onion chips is the completeness of the ingredients and equipment, before you make chips this onion, try to complete the ingredients and also the tools.
Who can teach to make these chips? Maybe you will ask your relatives, mothers and relatives. Are there any of them who can make chips or not, if there are those who can make onion chips, maybe you can ask them to teach you to make onion chips, if none of them can make, and no need afraid to learn, because in making these chips, it is very simple and very easy to understand. Below will be explained on how to make onion chips that are delicious and easy, let’s see:

– 1 kg of wheat flour
– 2 eggs
– Soft salt to taste
– Sago 6 tablespoons
– Normal water to taste
– flavoring seasoning to taste (Royco)
– celery leaves as thick as possible
– 1 glass of thin coconut milk

1. Mix flavor flavoring, salt and eggs, stir until thoroughly mixed using a fork.
2. Then add sago and flour to the seasoning mixture. Mix the rights until they are completely mixed.

3. Do not leave behind, also include celery leaves that have been cut into pieces.
4. If the mixture is still too soft, add a little flour until the mixture is not too soft and a little hard.
5. Grind using a pasta milling device.
6. So that the milled dough is not too sticky, sprinkle flour.
7. After the mixture is ground, then cut the mixture according to your favorite shape.
8. After that, fry the dough, fry it using medium heat until thoroughly cooked.
9. Stir slowly when frying, if the onion chips have changed color to not yellowish, then lift and drain.
10. Onion chips are ready to be served.

So the recipe for making delicious onion chips, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make onion chips properly, if you are still confused about how to make delicious onion chips, you can also look for other references to learn more about how to make chips onions, keep learning about making delicious onion chips, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already good at making onion chips, your onion chips will be even better.


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