What is the simplest way to make keria cakes?
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Keria cake is a cake that echoes donuts, in contrast to donuts. if the donut is the basic ingredient to rise is wheat flour, but this keria cake the basic ingredient to start is sweet potato, this keria cake is similar to donuts. People who are fooled and consider this keria cake to be a donut, even though it’s not into a donut.

The ingredients that are bought to make keria cakes are as follows:
– wheat flour as much as 200 grams
– Sweet potatoes are 1000 grams
– salt to taste
– enough vegetable oil (for frying)
– 4 tablespoons of sugar
Materials for making glaze, as follows:
– 2 cups of sand
– air as much as 6 spoons
How to make keria cakes, as follows:
– before making a cake, choose sweet potatoes with good quality. If you find sweet potatoes that happen to be rotten, do not add them, throw the rotten sweet potatoes, because sweet potatoes with poor quality can affect the taste of the cake.
– Clean the skin or peel the yams until they are completely clean from the skin, then continue to wash the peel that has been peeled, after the yam is clean cut into yams until steamed.
– If the steaming process is finished, then mash the sweet potatoes into a really smooth and soft, after being small then mixed with 200 grams of flour, 4 tablespoons of sugar and 4 cups of salt as well.
– Covers all ingredients that have been mixed evenly, form a dough like a donut shape
– the next process is frying, fry the dough that has been formed using hot oil, fry until the color is brownish
– to make glaze, pour 6 tablespoons of air and 2 cups of sugar into the pan, then stir until the sugar is liquid.
– the expression of sugar is completely liquid, filling the yams that have been fried.
– then stir the yam and sugar that has melted, stirring constantly until it gets right on the yam, in this process of tightening, use a spatula that is larger than wood, using using silk which will be difficult to use for stirring.
– After crystallizing, remove and set aside.
– the cake is ready to be served.

The process of making this keria cake is very difficult to do if someone is serious about learning it will be easy to solve. the taste of the keria cake is more delicious and tasty when the cake is still warm compared to the cold cake, then compiled, still hot usually the texture is quite soft, different if the cake becomes cold the texture will also turn hard. If you at home have milk, eggs or butter, you can use the creations, or the ornaments.
It should be noted, in making this keria cake you will not be advised to add more ingredients, or you will add vegetables will be used to make cakes, but also to make bread easier. not damaged when the cake is fried.


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