Making pancake cakes for people who like to cook may be very easy to make, but for people who don’t like cooking, making pancake cookies is a very difficult thing to do.
What is the simplest way to make delicious pancake cakes?
Easy way to make pancake cake, can you learn it?
How do you make the easiest pancake cake and of course it tastes good?
Is it difficult to make delicious pancake cakes?
What are the ingredients for making delicious pancake cakes?
How long does it take to make a delicious pancake cake?
How to make the right pancake cake?

What exactly is the pancake cake? Serabi cake is a traditional Indonesian food made from rice flour, coconut milk and flour. This cake is usually very easy to find when it has entered the month of Ramadan and on ordinary days can also be found but only a little. because the taste of this cake is very tasty and the texture is so soft that this cake has many fans, from children to many adults who really like this cake,
This pancake cake is usually very suitable when eaten with sweet and thick brown sugar sauce, not only brown sugar broth that can make this cake taste good, you can also mix brown sugar broth with durian fruit, so the brown sugar soup will be more delicious and aromanyapun will also be more fragrant.
To decorate this pancake cake you can also add toppings, toppings that might be very interesting when you see fruits, you can add toppings while cooking this pancake cake. usually the fruit that is often used for toppings is bananas, manga and jackfruit. besides fruits you can also add raisins, cheese, sukade, meisis chocolate as toppings.
In the old days to cook this pancake cake using a skillet made of clay, but different from today, we can now cook pancakes using aluminum pans or Teflon pans. certainly different from using a clay skillet, using a skillet made of Teflon or aluminum will speed up and facilitate the cooking process because it is not as sticky as a pan from clay.

Materials for making pancake cakes, as follows:
– 200 grams of rice flour
– 200 grams of flour
– 1000 ml thick coconut milk
– enough salt to taste
– 2 eggs
– sufficient food coloring (you can use green coloring or may suit your taste)
– vanilla for 2 small spoons

Materials for making the prick, as follows:
– 100 ml warm water
– 100 grams of flour
– instant yeast 2 teaspoons

Materials for making soup, as follows:
– 100 grams of brown sugar
– 800 ml thick coconut milk
– 4 tablespoons of flour
– 200 grams of sugar
– 4 pieces of pandan leaves
– 2 cups of salt
– 240 ml of normal water

The easiest way to make pancakes is as follows:
1. The first step is to make the dough, mix yeast as much as 2 small spoons, 100 grams of flour and 50 ml of warm water. so the prickly mixture can expand perfectly, you can silence the mixture for 16 minutes.
2. the next step is to make pancake batter, prepare a rather large container to mix the mixture, add 200 grams of flour, instant yeast 2 small spoons, 200 grams of rice flour, 2 eggs, 2 small spoons of vanilla, and as much salt 2 jumps. mix the ingredients until they are all mixed, stir slowly.
3. Add 1000 ml thick coconut milk into the pancake mixture, stirring slowly while inserting the coconut milk into the pancake mixture. stir until the coconut milk is mixed with the mixture.
4. Look at the prick dough that has been stored earlier, if the prickly mixture has expanded, lift it and mix the dough mixture with the pancake mixture, stir the mixture slowly until it is completely mixed.
5. After the mixture of the batter and pancake mixture is mixed, then set aside the ingredients, let stand for about 60 minutes, so that the pancake mixture ferments.
6. the next step is to make serabi sauce, boil 240 ml of plain water with 100 grams of gulamerah, cook until the brown sugar is destroyed, after the brown sugar is destroyed and then lift.
7. then mix the water of brown sugar with 800 ml thick coconut milk, 200 grams of sugar, 4 pieces of pandan leaves, and 2 cups of salt. then cook this mixture until it really boils.
8. After the broth was boiling, reduce the heat of the stove, mix plain water and 4 spoonfuls of rice flour, after plain water and rice flour mixed evenly then put it in the sauce, stir until the sauce becomes thick. wait until it boils then lift it.
9. now is the process of heating Loyang serabi on the stove, after about 1 hour when the pancake mixture has fermented, a
HOW9. the process that is being done Loyang on the stove, after about 1 hour when the pancake mixture has fermented, you can only heat the pancake cake pan on the stove, wait until the pan becomes hot, then flush the pancake cake using 2 tablespoons of vegetable batter to the pan until full. , then close.
10. Use a medium fire to cook the pancake, the signs of the pancake cake have matured small holes will appear on the top of the pancake cake, if pores have appeared or holes in the top of the pancake cake then you can lift the pancake. You are ready to serve the pancake cake using delicious brown sugar.

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