Making solo liwet rice, for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who are not hobbies for cooking, making delicious solo solo rice liwet is very difficult to do. Especially using traditional equipment, it must be very difficult to do if you have never made it.
What is the simplest way to make savory, tasty, tasty solo Liwet rice?
An easy way to make delicious solo Liwet rice, can you learn it?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make solo Liwet rice?
What ingredients are needed to make savory, tasty and tasty solo Liwet rice?
How long does it take to make savory solo rice a tasty solo?

Actually in Indonesia there are a lot of delicious and very suitable cooking recipes served for families, ranging from soto, satay, fried rice, fried chicken and still very much, but most of these recipes are fairly luxurious and expensive recipes, so to make it usually requires materials that are so expensive, therefore now I want to share recipes of traditional Indonesian specialties, whose ingredients are fairly cheap and very affordable. What is the name of the recipe? namely: nasi liwet. Liwet rice is an Indonesian traditional recipe that is fairly traditional. This food is usually very easy to find in rural and rural areas. even though this recipe is a traditional recipe, it doesn’t feel trivial about the taste, because it tastes very good and makes it addictive for those who try it. Below will be explained how to make typical Indonesian solo Liwet rice, and also complete with the side dishes, let’s look at the method below.

1.a) Materials used to make solo Liwet rice, as follows:
~ 500 grams of good quality rice
~ 1½ sheets of bay leaves
~ ½ teaspoon of fine salt
~ 1 liter thick coconut milk (from 1 btir coconut)
~ lemongrass ½ rod (stirring)

1.b.) How to make the most delicious solo Liwet rice, as follows:
~ Wash rice using clean water, wash it completely clean of dust or other dirt.
~ Mix ingredients, namely: fine salt, bay leaves, thick coconut milk, and lemongrass. then boil the ingredients in the pan, wait a while until they are really boiling.
~ After the mixture of ingredients boiled, boil, then put the rice in it, stir slowly, and wait a while until the rice becomes cooked (cooked).

2.a.) The ingredients used to make opor ayam kampong (ingkung ayam lampung) are as follows:
~ 1/2 chicken meat
~ 1½ sheets of bay leaves
~ 1 ½ sheet galangal (stirring)
~ 2½ lime lime leaves
~ lemongrass 1 stem (stirring)
~ 2 liter coconut milk (from 1 coconut)

2.b.) Refined ingredients, as follows:
~ 3 cloves garlic
~ 5 cloves red onion
~ coriander ½ teaspoon
~ 2½ pecan candlenut (sngrai)
~ 1 tablespoon of fine salt
~ 1½ cm turmeric (roasted)
2.c.) How to make chicken side dishes (opor), which are as follows:
~ Cut chicken meat according to your favorite form, clean chicken meat from the sticky fat, then wash chicken meat using clean water, then drain, and set aside in a clean container.
~ Divide the spices into two parts, the first part to smear chicken meat, the second part is mixed with coconut milk.
~ spread the chicken using fine spices, let stand for a while and wait for about 31 minutes until the spices really penetrate.
~ Mix the coconut milk with fine spices, then cook it in a pan, and also include kaffir lime leaves, galangal, lemongrass, bay leaves.
~ Put the chicken meat that has been smeared with the fine seasoning in the pan, wait for a while until the chicken is cooked and infuse with the spices, after the seasoning has permeated and matured then lift it.

2.d.) The ingredients used to make chayote fried chili sauce are as follows:
~ 1½ spoon chili (puree)
~ 1 piece chayote (cut like a match, soak a few moments in whiting water)
~ 1 piece galangal
~ 1 sheet bay leaf
~ cooking oil 1/2 tablespoon
~ 1/2 teaspoon sugar
~ enough cayenne pepper (according to your taste)

2.e. ) How to make chili squash fried sauce, as follows:
~ Heat a little oil in a pan, saute the bay leaves, galangal, chili which has been pureed. Wait for a while until the stirring smells good.
~ Enter the clear opor sauce into it.

~ The next step is to add the remaining cayenne pepper into the pan, also add ½ teaspoon of sugar, add the squash into it, cook for a while until the squash becomes cooked, then lift it.
3.a. ) Materials for making team omelet (steamed), as follows:
~ 2 eggs
~ 1 egg yolk
~ 75 cc thick coconut milk

3.b. ) how to make a team omelet (steamed), which is as follows:
~ Add egg yolks, coconut milk, eggs, and salt to a clean container, then stir until evenly distributed.
~ Make a container of pisan leaves (usually called takir), put the eggs in it, then steam for a while until cooked.

How to serve solo solo Liwet rice, as follows:
1. Serve liwet rice on a serving plate, or you can also serve it on a clean banana leaf.
2. Serve chayote fried chili sauce and soup next to it.
3. Serve the opor egg and the opor chicken next to it, place the team omelet and the top of it.
So the recipe for making the most delicious soloyanng liwet rice, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make solo solo Liwet rice properly, if you are still confused about how to make a typical soloyang liwet rice, you can also look for other references to learn more Much about how to make this simple solo Liwet rice, keep learning about how to make this solo solo Liwet rice, so that you become more proficient, and if you are already proficient at making this solo solo Liwet rice, then your solo solo Liwet rice will be increasingly delicious and liked by many people.


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