Sauteing the mix of anchovy for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who are not hobbies for cooking, sautéing anchovy is very difficult to do.
What is the simplest way to saute good mixed anchovy?
An easy way to saute sauces mixed with tasty anchovies, can you learn them?
Is it difficult to learn how to saute the mixed anchovy?
What are the ingredients for cooking sauteed lumai mixed with tasty anchovies?
How long does it take to make stir-fry with delicious anchovy?
How to saute the right mix of anchovy?

Maybe so far not many people know about what food stir-fry it, because if you have never eaten it, especially if you have never heard it certainly sounds like foreign words, stir-fry lumai is a kind of stir-fry food like stir-fry on food in general , but the thing that distinguishes from stir fry is the ingredient, the basic ingredient to make stir fry is lumai vegetables or people usually also call it leunca vegetables, in Java this vegetable is known as ranti vegetables. Indeed, in each region, the community usually has different names. So that you are not mistaken in mentioning the name of this vegetable, you may use the Latin name, the Latin name for this lumai, which is solanium ningrum L. This kind of vegetable is a kind of eggplant, not only to make food, sometimes people also use this vegetable for herbal medicine. This lumai plant said people came from western Asia and spread throughout the world.
Regarding the benefits, it’s really a lot of benefits if you can learn about how to make stir fry, one of the benefits is to be able to add a variety of cooking menus at your home, I will take an example, for example in a household if the dishes are the same and monotonous every day there will be boredom, and appetite will disappear. In terms of cooking, the one who has to play an active role is a mother, so for you housewives, I suggest that you want to learn the recipe for stir fry, mixed with anchovies, so that you can increase harmony in your household, other than that, maybe you also want to open a restaurant business, this stir-fried stir-fried recipe might be a mainstay menu in your restaurant. Of course there is nothing wrong if you try to make stir-fry dishes as one of the mainstays in your restaurant business, because it tastes it’s very good I believe your customers will be addicted to enjoying this cuisine.
For how to learn to make this recipe, you do not need to be confused and worried, the recipe for stir-fry stir-fry paste is very easy and very simple, you just need to prepare the equipment and ingredients, after that read it with a relaxed recipe below, if you are still confused maybe you can ask about your friendship, or you can also ask your mother or sister. Let’s take a look at the sauteed tips below, if necessary prepare pens and paper to record them.

How to saute the mixed anchovy, as follows:

The ingredients needed for sautéing are delicious, as follows:
– 20 pieces
– enough vegetable oil (to saute)
– leunca 800 grams
– salt to taste
– sugar to taste
– 100 grams of salted anchovy
– garlic 6 cloves
– 8 onions
– cayenne pepper 14 pieces
– 14 red chili

How to cook it as follows:
1. Wash leunca using clean water.
2. Clean the leunca stalk 800 grams, wash it again using clean water, then set it aside in a clean container.
3. Cut out as many as 20 pieces with the shape you like, or if you may suggest cutting it into a dice.
4. Prepare 100 grams of fresh anchovy, then soak the anchovy in plain water for a while, then drain it on a clean container that has been provided.
5. Prepare 8 cloves of shallots, 6 cloves of garlic, 14 cloves of red chili and 14 cloves of cayenne pepper. Then mash until smooth the ingredients. after smooth add a little salt, mash again until briefly until the ingredients are mixed with salt.
6. Prepare a skillet and vegetable oil, heat vegetable oil in a pan, when it’s hot, fry the salted anchovy as much as 100 grams, wait a while until the fish changes color. put the puree in the skillet, saute the spices for a while until the smell comes out.
7. Add 800 grams of leunca to the pan. Stir slowly until the leunca is mixed with spices and also to make the leunca a little soft.

8. Add the tofu that has been cut into the pan, stir slowly.
9. Add a little sugar and salt to taste, and stir for a while, you can also taste the taste to find out the taste.
10. When cooked, turn off the stove, lift the stir fry.
11. Tumisan lumai is ready to be served.
Likewise the recipe for saute sauteed mix tasty anchovy, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make stir fry properly mixed anchovy properly, if you are still confused about how to sauté delicious lumaic mixed anchovy, you can also look for other references for learning more about how to saute the mix of anchovy, keep learning about sauteing with good anchovy mix, so that you become more proficient, and if you are already sautéing sauteed mix anchovy, then your stir fry will be more delicious and liked by many people .

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