Cooking fish dimsum for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who don’t like cooking, cooking delicious fish dimsum is very difficult to do.
How is the simplest way to cook delicious and special fish dimsum?
An easy way to cook delicious fish dimsum, can you learn it?
Is it difficult to learn about how to cook delicious and special fish dimsum?
What ingredients are needed to cook delicious fish dimsum?
How long does it take to cook delicious and special fish dimsum?
How to cook the right fish dimsum?
Before we learn about how to cook dimsum, we will first find out what food is the dimsum. Surely among us there are those who do not understand about dimsum, especially those who have never tasted it, surely do not understand what dimsum is. Dimsum in the literal sense is “a little from the heart” or “touch your heart”, there is also a meaning of “point of heart” which is interpreted in the heart of life. When viewed from the custom of Yum Cha, the literal meaning is indeed true, this dimsum is usually eaten with relatives, family or loved ones. Dimsum is a typical Hong Kong food located opposite the Chinese province of Guangdong. In Hong Kong dimsum is usually served using a bamboo container, and is usually served with tea. At the place of origin the dimsum food is usually divided into 4 kinds, namely steamed dimsum, fried dimsum, pickled dimsum and sweet dimsum. but now what we will discuss is about how to cook steamed dimsum.
If the menu of your family recipe is still small, you can also enter the steamed dimsum recipe menu into the recipe menu in your family, the flavor of steamed dimsum is very tasty, so I am sure your family will be more comfortable to eat at home. Not only that, who knows you have a restaurant business in your place, so you can add this dimsum recipe to your business menu list. I’m sure if you enter this dimsum recipe to the list of food stalls that you have, of course your customers will be more comfortable to stop by your shop.
For matters of nutrition, dimsum also contains a lot of nutrients and benefits, including protein, dimsum we will make this is dimsum fish, which is the main ingredient is fish, fish contains a lot of protein which is very beneficial for the body. for children, it is certainly very good for growth.
Below will be explained about how to cook it, please prepare a ballpoint pen and paper to record it, Listen and read slowly so you can understand, if you are still confused about the method below, maybe you can ask your friends or friends.

The main ingredients used to cook fish dimsum are as follows:
~ 50 grams of tengiri fish meat
~ 250 grams of lean chicken meat (milled)
~ 125 grams of sago flour
~ 150 grams of bengkoang (grated)
~ ½ pack of siomay skin
~ 1 egg
Materials for making fish dimsum spices, as follows:
~ 1½ sticks of scallion slices
~ 1½ sticks of white onion slices
~ ½ segment of ginger (grated)
~ 2 ½ suing garlic (grated)
~ 1 tablespoon – sugar
~ 1 teaspoon – fine salt
~ 1/2 teaspoon – pepper
~ 1 tablespoon – fish sauce
~ 1/2 the spoon – soy sauce
~ 1 tablespoon – sesame soy sauce
~ 1/2 teaspoon – oyster sauce

How to cook delicious and special fish dimsum, as follows:
1. The first step is to stir the milled meat with the fish that has been ground, stir until both are evenly mixed.
2. The next step is to put the eggs, sago flour and onion slices into the fish mixture.
3. Then add ginger, garlic (grated), scallion (sliced).
4 The next step is to enter the ingredients of pepper, salt and sugar.
5. After that, also add the soy sauce, fish sauce, sesame oil. Gently stir until all ingredients are mixed.
6. Then enter the bengkoang fruit that has been grated, stirring slowly until all is mixed
7. Prepare muffin molds, age the mold using cooking oil.
8. Prepare the dumplings, wet the dumplings and fold the ends of the skin so it can enter.
9. The next step is to enter the mixture using a spoon into the mold that has been prepared.
10 Add a little grated carrot.
11. The next step is steaming all the dough in less than about 16 minutes, wait a few moments, if it is cooked, lift it up.

12. Delicious fish dimsum is ready to be served with family.
That is how to cook the fish dimsum that is delicious and special, by processing it, hopefully you can learn to cook the fish dimsum that is delicious properly, and you are still confused about how to cook delicious fish dimsum, and also to learn more. about how to cook delicious and special fish dimsum, keep learning about how to cook fish dimsum, allow you to be more proficient, and observe that you are already good at cooking fish dimsum, so your fish dimsum will be more delicious and liked by many people.

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