How to make delicious and simple mini folding martabak

Making a delicious and simple mini folding martabak for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who don’t like cooking, to make delicious and simple mini folding martabak is a very difficult thing to do.
What is the simplest way to make tasty mini martabak?
An easy way to make a mini martabak that is delicious and simple, can you learn it?
How do you make simple mini martabak and of course the delicious taste?
Is it difficult to make a simple and tasty mini martabak?
What ingredients are needed to make this simple mini folding martabak?
How long does it take to make this mini martabak fold?

The ingredients used to make mini martabak are folded, as follows:
~ flour – 20 tablespoons
~ eggs – 2 grains
~ baking soda – ½ teaspoon
~ baking powder – ½ teaspoon
~ milk powder – 2 tablespoons
~ sugar – 8 tablespoons
~ Sago flour – 2 tablespoons
~ chocolate meises – to taste
~ plain water – 2 cups
~ vegetable oil – 2 tablespoons
How to make a delicious folding mini martabak, which is as follows:
1. The first step is to mix 8 tablespoons of granulated sugar with 2 eggs, shake until thoroughly mixed (can use a mixer or fork)
2. Strain or sift 2 tablespoons of sago flour and 20 tablespoons of flour, then put this ingredient in the egg mixture, and stir until evenly mixed.
3. Pour 2 cups of plain water, and add 2 tablespoons of milk powder, stirring again until all the ingredients are mixed.
4 Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda and 1/2 spoon the baking powder, stirring until all ingredients are mixed.
5. Pour 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, stir again until evenly mixed.
6. The next step is to heat Teflon using a medium flame, then pour 1 tablespoon of dough until it is round, then close it.
7. If the surface of the martabak is dry and looks pore, remove it and set it aside on a serving plate.
8. When the martabak is hot, pour brown meises on top of the martabak, the next step is to fold the martabak into a half circle, then glue the edges by pressing martabak, using a fork or spoon.
9. lakaukan until all martabak are finished, then serve on a serving plate.

Similarly, how to make a mini folding martabak that is delicious and simple, hopefully with the recipe, you can learn to make mini martabak folding favors properly, if you are still confused about how to make this delicious mini folding martabak, you can also look for other references for learning more about how to make tasty mini martabak, keep learning about how to make mini martabak folding, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already adept at making mini martabak folding, then your mini folding martabak will be more delicious and special.


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