Making delicious and special palembang laksan for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who are not hobbies of cooking, to cook this delicious and special palembang laxan is very difficult to do.
What is the simplest way to cook this delicious Palembang salad?
An easy way to cook palembang laksan, can you learn it?
How do you make a special palembang laxan and of course it tastes good?
Is it difficult to cook a delicious and special Palembang laksan?
What ingredients are needed to cook palembang laksan?
How long does it take to cook a Palembang Palembang special?

The ingredients used to make palembang laksan are delicious, as follows:
~ fish meat (has been ground) – 250 grams
~ fine salt – about 1 teaspoon
~ Sago flour – 175 grams
~ ordinary water – to taste
~ ice water – to taste (to infect laksan)
~ vegetable oil – 1 tablespoon

The ingredients used to make Palembang laksan sauce are delicious, as follows:
~ red chili – 7½ pieces
~ thick coconut milk – 500 ml
~ garlic – 2 cloves
~ red onion – 2½ cloves
~ young galangal – 2½ cm (thinly cut)
~ ginger – 2½ cm (thin cut)
~ lemongrass – 1 (mashed) stem
~ hazelnut – 1 piece
~ fine salt – 1 teaspoon
~ bay leaves – 2 pieces
~ vegetable oil – to taste (to saute)
The ingredients for complementing the Palembang laksaks are delicious, as follows:
~ Chives – 2 sticks (cut into pieces)
~ roasted shrimp – 1 tablespoon
How to make a Palembang laksan that is delicious and special, as follows:
1. The first step is that we will make the Palembang laksan, mix 1 tablespoon of fine salt with 250 grams of fish meat that has been ground, stir until evenly distributed, then mix the sago flour together with the material, put it little by little while kneading, add a little ice water so smooth and so that the dough is easy to form.
2. Heat the water in a pan until it boils, shape the laksan according to your favorite shape.
3. If the water has boiled, put the pempek laksan into the pan, boil the laksan until it is completely cooked. Pour 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil when boiling the laksan, so that the laxan is not sticky.
4 If the laksan has floated to the surface, it means that the sign has arrived, lift it and then cool it.
5. Now we will make palembang laksan seasoning which is delicious, by smoothing 2½ cm ginger, 6½ red chili, 2 ½ cm young galangal, 2 cloves of garlic, 2½ suing onions, 1 candlenut and ½ teaspoon salt smooth.
6. heat vegetable oil in a skillet, put the ingredients that are pureed into the pan, saute it for a while until the seasoning is thoroughly cooked and smells delicious.
7. cook 500 ml of thick coconut milk, put 2 bay leaves, 1 lemongrass and stir-fried herbs into coconut milk.
8. Cook coconut milk and spices, and stir slowly until the coconut milk boils.
9. Sangrailah rebon shrimp and cut into chives, then if the coconut milk has boiled, put the roasted fruit and chopped chives into it.
10 The next step is to stir the broth slowly, stirring so that the broth is evenly mixed with spices, you can also taste the laksan sauce, if the taste is not right, you can also add sugar or salt to it.
11. If the laksan sauce is delicious and right, now you can wait for it to boil completely, if it is very boiling, you can turn off the stove and lift it.
12. how to present the laksan is very easy, you can cut the laksan according to your favorite shape, after you cut the laksan, you can place the laksan into a bowl or serving plate, don’t forget to add the laksan sauce into it.
13. Or you can also directly enter the laksan that has been cut into the laksan sauce, then after that you put it in a bowl or serving plate.
14. Palembang admiral is ready to be eaten with family.
Similarly, the delicious and special way of cooking Palembang Palembang, hopefully with the recipe, you can learn to make the palembang laksan properly, if you are still confused about how to cook this delicious palembang laxan, you can also look for other references to learn more about how to cook this delicious palembang laxan, keep learning about how to make palembang laxans, so that you become more proficient, and if you are already skilled at cooking palembang laksan, your palembang laksan will be more delicious and special.

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