How to make crunchy castengel cakes for holidays

Making crunchy castengel cakes for holidays, for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who are not hobbies for cooking, to make crispy and delicious kastengel cakes is very difficult to do.
How do you make a crunchy and delicious castengel cake?
An easy way to make crispy and delicious kastengel cakes, can you learn them?
What is the simple way to make a crispy castengel cake?
Is it difficult to learn about making crunchy and delicious castengel cakes?
What ingredients are needed to make a crunchy and delicious castengel cake?
How long does it take to make this crunchy and delicious caster cake?

The ingredients used to make crunchy and delicious kastengel cakes are as follows:
~ cheese – 400 grams (shredded)
~ margarine – 700 grams
~ wheat flour – 1200 grams
~ Meizena flour – 4 tablespoons
~ milk powder – 4 tablespoons
~ egg yolk – 6 grains
~ fine salt – 2 teaspoons
~ powder broth seasoning – 2 teaspoons
~ Sweet corn powder – 4 tablespoons
~ sugar – 6 tablespoons

Materials for making castengel cake, as follows:
~ ordinary water – 4 tablespoons
~ egg yolk – 4 grains
~ Yellow flavor to taste (can be replaced with the color of your taste)
~ enough grated cheese
~ vegetable oil – 4 tablespoons

A delicious and crunchy way to dissolve castengel, as follows:
1. The first step is to mix sugar with margarine, you can stir it using a mixer, then stir these ingredients until they are well mixed and become smooth.
2. Add the corn powder and egg yolk to the mixture, then stir again using a mixer until all the ingredients are evenly mixed. When mixed well, turn the mixer off.
3. Add meizena milk powder and flour, then stir again using a spatula, stirring slowly until all ingredients are completely mixed.
4 Add the flour to the mixture, then mix using your hands until all the ingredients are mixed.
5. Now we will prepare the dough for the spread ingredients. Mix ingredients such as yellow food coloring, 4 tablespoons of vegetable oil, 4 tablespoons of plain water and 4 egg yolks, after these ingredients are completely mixed, then set aside.
6. Prepare a baking sheet by greasing Loyang using margarine, then flatten the mixture using a rolling pin with the thickness according to your taste, then you can print it according to your taste.
7. Enter the castengel cake mixture that you printed earlier into the pan, coat it or apply the cake mixture with a mixture of egg yolk and sprinkle it with cheese that has been grated beforehand.
8. The next step is to roast the cake in the oven with a temperature of around 149 degrees Celsius for about 26 to 31 minutes, or until the bottom of the cake is a little brown, when it comes up remove the cake, and let it cool then after a cold it can be stored in a jar, or it can also be served directly to families.
That is the way to make crunchy castengel cake for a feast day, with this recipe, hopefully you can learn to make the Crispyel crunchy properly, if you are still confused about how to make this crunchy castengel cake, you can also look for other references to learn more As for how to make crispy castengel cakes, keep learning about how to make crunchy castengel cakes, so that you become more proficient, and if you are already good at making castengel cakes, then your crispy castengel cake will be more delicious and liked by many people.


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