How to make simple pistel pempek typical of Palembang

Making simple pistel pempek typical of Palembang, for people who like to cook may be very easy to do, but for people who don’t like cooking, to make simple pistek pistek is very difficult to do.
How do you make a simple pistek pistel typical of Palembang?
An easy way to make simple Palembang pistek pistek, can you learn?
How do you make simple pistek pistek and its delicious taste?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make simple pistek pistek palembang?
What ingredients are needed to make pistel simple?
How long does it take to make pempek pistel sderhana?

The ingredients used to make pistel pistek are simple, as follows:
1. Sago flour – 350 grams
2. wheat flour – 250 grams
3. warm water (nails)
4 fine salt – to taste
5. fine salt – ½ tablespoon

Materials for making papaya contents, as follows:
1. garlic – 1½ cloves
2. red onion – 2½ cloves
3. young papaya – 500 grams (cleaned and grated)
4 cooking oil – to taste (to saute)
5. plain water – to taste
6. salt smooth – to taste
7. sugar – to taste
8. shrimp rebon – 50 grams
9. pepper powder – ½ teaspoon

How to make simple pistek pistek typical of Palembang, as follows:
1. Our first step will be to make the contents of Pempek, that is, Mash it until smooth ingredients such as ½ teaspoon of pepper, 2½ cups of shallots and 1½ cups of garlic. Pour a little oil into the pan, then pan the oil. Enter the ingredients that have been pureed into the pan, saute it for a while until the smell comes out, then enter 50 grams of rebon shrimp, 500 grams of grated papaya, stir slowly and wait for the papaya to wilt and gently, enter also fine salt and sugar to taste (if the stir is almost dry, you can add a little water so the spices are not burnt).
2. If the mixture of the Pempek contents is cooked, remove and set aside.
3. The next step we will make a simple pistek dough mixture, that is: Make the dough mixture by mixing 250 grams of flour with ½ tablespoon of fine salt, pour warm water into it, then stir slowly until all ingredients are evenly mixed, if the mixture is mixed then let stand a little cold.
4 If the pempek prickly mixture has cooled, then mix 350 grams of sago flour with the pempek prickly mixture, knead the dough using your hands. If the mixture is too hard or solid, you can add a little water.
5. The next step is to form the dough, take a pinch of Pempek dough, make a small ball-like shape and then flatten it, add the papaya dough that has been made into the pempek dough that is flattened, glue or unify the edge of the pempek, press the edge of the pempek to resemble a wave, press tightly so that the contents of the pempek do not come out. do this step until all the ingredients run out.
6. Heat the oil in a skillet, add the Pempek batter that has been filled, fry it until the smell comes out and the pempek changes color a little brown, (other than being fried, to boil the pempek can be boiled and steamed), you can serve it along with cuko or tomato sauce.
7. Pempek simple pistel is ready to be eaten with family.
That is the way to make pempel simple pistel typical of Palembang, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make pistel pistek simply properly, if you are still confused about how to make this simple pempek pistek, you can also find other references to learn more about how make pempek pistek, keep learning about how to make simple pistek pempek, so that you become more proficient, and if you are already good at making pistek pempek, then your pistel pudek will be more delicious and liked by many people.


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