Cooking sour sauce crabs that are very delicious and tempting to taste, for people who like cooking may be very easy to do, but for people who do not like to cook, to make cooking crab sour sauce is very delicious is very difficult to do.
How do you cook delicious and tempting tamarind crab sauce?
An easy way to cook sour sauce crab is very delicious, can it be learned?
How do you cook the sour sauce crab which tempts the tongue, and tastes delicious?
Is it difficult to learn about how to cook sour sauce crabs that are very delicious?
What are the ingredients needed for cooking sour sauce crabs that are very delicious?
How long does it take to cook a sour sauce sauce that is very delicious?

The ingredients used to cook sour sauce crab are very delicious, as follows:
~ good quality crabs – 4 tails
~ bay leaves – 4 sheets
~ red chili – 4 tablespoons (ground)
~ pepper powder – 2 teaspoons
~ egg – 2 items (shaken)
~ ordinary water – 3 liters (to boil crabs)
~ flavoring powder – 2 teaspoons
~ fine salt – 2 teaspoons
~ granulated sugar – 4 teaspoons
~ cooking oil – to taste
~ tomato sauce – 10 tablespoons
~ lee kumkee oyster sauce – 8 tablespoons
~ chives – 5 sticks (cut in length)
~ Bombay onions – 1 piece (thinly cut)
~ leaves of orange – 6 sheets
The ingredients used to make sour sauce crab spice are as follows:
~ Turmeric – 6 cm (burned)
~ garlic – 6 cloves (thinly cut)
~ red onion – 10 cloves (thinly cut)
~ Ginger – 4 cm (pounded)
~ red cayenne pepper (10 pieces)
~ Red chili powder – 6 tablespoons (ready to use)
~ pecan – 6 items (roasted)

How to cook sour sauce crab which is very delicious and tempting the tongue, as follows:
1. Wash and clean 4 good quality crabs, prepare lemon juice, then put the crab in lime juice, soak for a few moments.
2. Pour water into the pan and make the water boil, then take the soaked crab and put it in a boiled pan for a while until the crab is fully cooked.
3. Usually the cooked crab will turn slightly red, if the crab color has turned red, lift the crab from the pan, cut the 4 crabs.
4. Pour vegetable oil into the pan, then heat the pan until it is fully cooked. If the oil is hot, add all the ingredients of fine bumb and bay leaves, onion pieces, and orange leaves. stir-fry a few moments until a nice smell appears.
5. The next step is to include tomato sauce, oyster sauce, ground red chili and other spices that are still there.
6. Wait a minute and stir slowly, If all the spices have been poured then put in the crab that has been boiled earlier, also put the egg that has been shaken, then stir the sauce until it becomes very thick, If it has thickened and cooked then remove, sour sauce crab delicious is ready to be served for the family.
Similarly, how to cook a sour sauce sauce that is very delicious and tempting the tongue, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to cook sour sauce crab which is very delicious correctly, if you are still confused about how to cook this very delicious sour sauce crab, you can also look for Another reference to learn more about how to cook sour sauce crabs, keep learning about how to cook sour sauce crabs, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already good at cooking sour sauce crabs, then your homemade sour sauce crab will be more delicious and loved many people .


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