How to make simple and delicious Sundanese carp

Making simple and delicious Sundanese carp, for people who like cooking may be very easy to do, but for people who don’t like to cook, to make simple and delicious baked carp is very difficult to do.
How do you make simple, delicious, delicious Sundanese carp?
An easy way to make delicious and simple carp, can it be learned?
How do you make delicious and simple carp?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make simple and delicious baked carp?
What are the ingredients needed to make delicious and simple baked carp?
How long does it take to make a delicious, simple Sundanese carp?

The main ingredients for making delicious and simple baked carp are:
~ carp – 8 tails
~ Lime juice – 4 teaspoons
~ Sweet soy sauce – 10 tablespoons
~ fine salt – 2 tablespoons
~ tamarind water – 2 tablespoons
~ vegetable oil Р6 tablespoons (for saut̩ing)

The ingredients used to make finely ground carp spices are as follows?
~ red cayenne pepper – 4 pieces
~ coriander – 4 spoons
~ red onion – 12 items
~ garlic – 6 cloves
~ Curly red chili – 8 pieces
~ fine salt – 2 tablespoons
~ ginger – 4 cm
~ big red chili – 6 pieces

Ingredients used for making soy sauce chili sauce are as follows:
~ tomatoes – 2 pieces (remove seeds and cut into pieces)
~ green cayenne pepper – 10 pieces (cut into pieces)
~ red onion – 4 grains (thinly cut)
~ Lime juice – 1 teaspoon
~ red cayenne pepper – 10 pieces (in pot)
~ Sweet soy sauce – 10 tablespoons

How to clean carp, namely as follows:
1. Before burning the carp must be cleaned first, by cleaning fish scales, you can use a knife or spoon to clean it, how to clean it is also very simple, clean the fish scales in the opposite direction from the fish scales, if all the scales have been separated from the meat, then wash using clean water (try to use running water).
2. When the fish scales are clean, then proceed with cleaning the gills, do not forget to clean all the dirt that is on the belly of the fish, you can slash the fish’s stomach using a knife, then it can be cleaned by cleaning all the dirt in the stomach.
3. After the fish is washed thoroughly, then drain the fish.
4. Then spread the fish using lime juice until evenly distributed, and also sprinkle with a little salt until smooth, then let the fish sit for about 16 minutes so that the spices soak into the fish.

How to make simple and delicious roasted carp seasonings, namely:
1. The first step is to pour cooking oil into the pan, then turn on the stove and heat the oil until it’s really hot.
2. When the oil in the pan is hot, then add the spices to the pan, saute the spices for a while until the spices are cooked and the spices give off a delicious aroma.
3. The next step, if the spices are cooked, then put the tamarind into it, stir it gently until evenly distributed, then stir fry for a while.
4. Pour soy sauce into stir-fry, then stir again until evenly mixed.
5. Then remove the stir-fry seasoning, and spread the goldfish using this stir-fry until evenly distributed.
6. If the goldfish has been rubbed using stir-fry spices evenly, then burn the fish on the coals until it is fully cooked and until the color is slightly browned, turn over the immature part of the fish so that all parts of the fish are cooked evenly.
7. When cooked, lift and serve the fish on a serving plate, you can water the fish using soy sauce, or you can also serve it separately.

Thus, how to make delicious, simple Sundanese carp, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make carp burn properly, if you are still confused about how to make this Sundanese carp, you can also look for other references to learn more about how to make this delicious Sundanese typical carp, keep learning about how to make baked carp, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already proficient at making roasted carp, then your artificial Sunda bakarkhas carp will increasingly delicious and liked by many people.


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