How to make delicious dried tapioca cakes

To make delicious dried tapioca cakes, for people who have made it possible it is very easy to do, but for people who have never made it, to make pastries but make delicious cakes is very difficult thing to do.
How is the simple way to make a pastry but a delicious cake?
An easy way to make pastries but special ingredients, can it be learned?
How do you make this simple but sweet pastry?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make cookies but special ingredients?
What are the ingredients needed for making pastries but delicious ingredients?
How long does it take to make a pastry but a special constellation?

The ingredients for making pastries are but constellations, namely:
~ tapioca flour – 800 grams
~ granulated sugar – 600 grams
~ grated cheese – 600 grams
~ margarine – 650 grams
eggs – 8 items
~ fine salt – 6 teaspoons
~ constellation flour – 140 grams

The method of making cookies is simple, namely;
1. The first step, mix ingredients such as margarine, salt and sugar, shake the ingredients until they are thoroughly mixed, then add the eggs and shake again until they are thoroughly mixed.
2. After that, add tapioca flour (roasted cassava flour), grated cheese, and grated cheese, stirring again until all ingredients are evenly mixed.
3. Take the triangular plastic bag, put the syringe in it, then put the mixture into it, then spray the mixture into the pan that has been smeared with margarine before. Spray the dough to resemble a small round or like a small flower.
4. Then heat the oven, bake the cake in the oven for ½ hour using low heat, wait until the cake is fully cooked, then lift and the cake is ready to be served for the family.

So how to make pastries but special ingredients, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make pastries that are delicious correctly, if you are still confused about how to make pastries but this simple constellation, you can also look for other references to learn more about how to make pastries correctly, continue to learn about how to make this delicious tapioca cake, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already good at making simple pastries, then pastries but your artificial constellation will be more delicious and liked by many people.


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