How to make delicious banana pillow cakes

To make delicious banana pillow cake, for someone who has ever been possible to do, but for someone who has never been done, to make a delicious pillow cake that is very difficult to do.
How do you connect to make special banana pillow cakes?
An easy way to make delicious banana pillow cakes, can it be learned?
How do you make this simple soft cake?
Want to learn how to make special banana special cakes?
What can be used to make delicious banana pillow cakes?
Need time to make special banana special cakes?

The ingredients for making delicious banana pillow cakes, namely:
~ Glutinous rice – 600 grams
~ granulated sugar – 300 grams
~ rope – to taste (to tie)
~ coconut (palm leaves) – to taste (to wrap)
~ salt – 1 teaspoon
~ ripe plantains – 14 pieces
~ grated coconut – 1 fruit (not too old)

How to make a delicious banana pillow cake, namely;
The first step is to wash sticky rice until it is completely clean, then steam until cooked.
The next 2 steps to clean bananas from the skin, will suit your preferences.
3 Then mix the steamed glutinous rice with grated coconut, sugar and salt, stirring until thoroughly mixed.
4. Then place the cookie dough at the top of the coconut leaf (palm leaf), then form the contents of the banana into the cake mixture, then close it tightly, then wrap the string on the coconut milk that has been filled with the pastry mixture.
5. Then the steam becomes thoroughly cooked, and lift it. The delicious banana pillow is ready to serve.
Including how to make a special banana pillow, with that, hopefully you can learn to make a cake pillow To be delicious, it will really make you confused about how to make Cake This page will be used, and can also be used to learn more about how to make cakes delicious delicious right, keep learning about how to make this delicious banana pillow, you will definitely be more proficient, and you are accustomed to making this simple soft cake, then your artificial banana pillow cake will be more enjoyable and call many people.


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