How to make delicious Sundanese lodeh

To make delicious Sundanese lodeh, for those who have made it possible it is very easy to do, but for people who have never made it, to make delicious Sundanese lodeh is a very difficult thing to do.
How is the simple way to make special Sundanese vegetable lodeh?
An easy way to cook delicious Sundanese lodeh, can it be learned?
How do you make this simple Sundanese vegetable lodeh?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make a special Sundanese vegetable lodeh?
What are the ingredients needed to cook delicious Sundanese lodeh?
How long does it take to make a special Sundanese vegetable lodeh?

The main ingredients for making delicious Sundanese vegetables are delicious, namely:
~ coconut milk – 400 milliliters (obtained from 1 old coconut)
~ Sweet corn – 2 pieces (cut according to salara)
~ chayote – 2 pieces (diced)
~ purple eggplant – 2 pieces (diced)
~ Long beans – 300 grams (cut into pieces)
~ melinjo fruit – to taste
~ mlinjo leaves – to taste
~ flavoring – to taste
~ clean water – 800 milliliters
~ red tomatoes – 2 pieces (cut into pieces)
~ salt – 2 teaspoons
~ brown sugar – 2 tablespoons

The ingredients are mashed, namely:
~ shrimp paste – 1 spoonful
~ brown sugar – 2 tablespoons
~ galangal – 4 cm
~ candlenut – 8 items
~ garlic – 6 cloves
~ red onion – 8 items
How to make a delicious Sundanese vegetable lodeh, namely;
1. The first step is to heat the oil in a skillet, add the subtle spices into it, sauté the fine spices until a delicious aroma appears, then lift.
2. The next step is washing vegetables using clean water, then cut into pieces after boiling together with water until boiling and boiling.
3. add the sauteed seasoning into the vegetables.
4. Then add ingredients such as salt, coconut milk, flavoring and brown sugar into it, cook for a while until they are fully cooked, then lift.
5. Prepare a serving bowl, then pour the lodeh vegetables in the serving bowl, the delicious Sundanese lodeh is ready to be served along with white rice.
Similarly, how to make a special Sundanese vegetable lodeh, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make a delicious Sundanese typical lodeh vegetable properly, if you are still confused about how to make this delicious and simple Sundanese vegetable lodeh, you can also look for Another reference to learn more about how to make Sundanese vegetables with proper lodeh, keep learning about how to make this delicious Sundanese typical lodeh, so that you are more proficient, and if you are already good at making this simple Sundanese vegetable lodeh, then Your typical Sundanese lodeh vegetable will be more delicious and liked by many people.


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