How to make banana chocolate sweetened condensed milk ( piscok )

To make banana chocolate sweetened condensed milk, for people who have made it possible it is very easy to do, but for people who have never made it, to make sweet banana milk ntal chocolate is a very difficult thing to do.
How to make simple fried milk chocolate banana special?
An easy way to make chocolate banana with fried condensed milk is delicious, can it be learned?
How do you make this simple sweet fried chocolate milk banana?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make special fried sweet chocolate condensed bananas?
What are the ingredients needed to make a delicious condensed milk piscok?
How long does it take to make a special milk chocolate banana?

The ingredients for making banana chocolate sweetened condensed milk are delicious, namely:
~ Chocolate meises – to taste
~ skin spring rolls – 20 pieces
~ Ulin bananas – 10 pieces
~ grated cheese – to taste
~ sweet condensed milk – 2 sachets

How to make sweet chocolate banana milk (delicious piscok), namely;
1. The first step is to take 1 sheet of spring roll skin.
2. then put the bananas that have been cut on top of the spring roll skin, pour the chocolate milk over the banana slices, add the grated cheese and meisis.
3. The next step is to fold the lumpia skin neatly, glue it using water, then set aside, do the steps until all the ingredients run out.
4. Heat the oil on the pan using low heat, then fry the piscok until it’s cooked and the color turns golden yellow.
5. After cooking, then remove and drain, the chocolate banana with sweetened condensed milk (piscok) is ready to be served.
So how to make chocolate banana special fried condensed milk, with the recipe, hopefully you can learn to make chocolate fried banana milk fried deliciously right, if you are still confused about how to make this delicious and simple fried piscok, you can also look for other references to learn more about how to make the fried piscok deliciously right, keep learning about how to make this delicious sweet chocolate condensed banana so that you are more proficient, and if you are already adept at making this simple, sweet chocolate banana milk chocolate banana Your artificial sweetened condensed milk will be more delicious and liked by many people.


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