How to make snow cireng seasoning rujak

To make delicious snow cireng seasoning rujak, for people who have ever been possible to do, but for people who have never been done, to make snow  cireng with rujak spice is a very difficult thing to do.
How do you make special cireng snow with rujak spices ?
An easy way to make snow cireng spices rujak spicy, can it be learned?
How do you make this simple cireng snow rujak spicy ?
Is it difficult to learn about how to make cireng snow with delicious and special rujak spices?
What can be used to make cireng snow special and delicious rujak seasoning?
How long does it take to make Cireng Snow Bubu Rujak special?

The ingredients of the cireng snow are delicious, namely:
~ air – 180 milliliters
~ Sago flour – 50 grams (aci flour)
Materials to make cireng Salju, namely;
~ chives – 2 sticks (finely chopped)
~ garlic – 3 cloves (mashed)
~ Sago flour – 150 grams (aci flour)
~ salt – to taste
~ pepper powder – 1 spoonful

Ingredients to make salad ingredients, namely;
~ orange leaves – 2 pieces
~ Java tamarind – 4 teaspoons
~ cayenne pepper – 6 pieces
~ red chili – 3 pieces
~ brown sugar – 3 tablespoons
~ Lemon water – 1 spoonful

The way to make cireng snow spices is simple and delicious, namely;
1 The first step, cook the main ingredients until they become transparent like glue (papeda), then lift.
2 If the batter is warm lukewarm, then mix with dry cireng ingredients such as aci, salt, garlic, pepper and chives.
3 Make the mixture into a flat round shape, then wrap it using a little sago flour, after that the mixture will use the low heat until cooked and yellowish.
4. Make salad ingredients: puree brown sugar along with chili, add lime juice, tamarind air and orange leaves, stir until evenly mixed.
5. Cireng snow with rujak seasoning is ready to be served.
Enjoy the delicious and special way of making cireng spices, with this recipe presentation, hopefully you can learn to make cireng rujak spices delicious, right, your mind is still confused about how to make this delicious and simple rujak spice, you can also find other uses for learning more ways to make cireng seasoning deliciously delicious, keep learning about how to make this delicious rujak seasoning cireng, allow you to become more proficient, and observe that you are already adept at making this simple salad dressing, then cireng salad ingredients and call a lot of people.


Resep Cireng Salju Bumbu Rujak Asli Enak Crispy

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